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Insulation Results – June

Well, our first full month of having insulation is now over and the results are in.  Lets take a look at our electricity bill in June 2019 vs June 2018.  The below is a screenshot from the It’s Your Power App from AEP.

So we used 27% less electricity vs last year!  Not bad at all, especially since this is the summer and the temperature difference between outside and inside is much less than in the winter.  We would expect to see an even larger impact this winter, but we will  have to wait and see.

Overall we used 688 kWh of electricity vs 940 kWh last year.  Clearly a large move in the right direction.  This difference translates to roughly $37 saved this month.  It is also important to note that the average temperature was 3deg F cooler this year than last year, so that also helped save a little, but does not account for the vast majority of the savings.  The insulation appears to be doing its job!

We were not running our furnace in June, so our usage there was not reduced.  Our base load used for our hot water consumption seems to always be around 12-14 CCF.  We hope to see a large savings in natural gas in the winter.

Total Saved Starting June 2019: $37