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    Our Mortgage Battle

    One debt that most people accumulate in their lives is a mortgage.  A few fortunate souls out there might be able to plunk down the purchase price of a house in cash, but we were not among that group!  This article will detail exactly how we plan on tackling our mortgage, with the expectation that we pay it off early. One topic that is hotly debated is weather it is better to invest extra money, or to pay down low interest rate debt.  This was a topic we have been torn over for quite some time.  When I say torn, I don’t mean that Sam and I disagreed.  Exactly the opposite,…

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    Managing Money as a Couple

    Now that we’re in our 30’s, the topic of money comes up occasionally with our friends. It is interesting to hear how each couple has a different approach to managing money within their relationships. Some couples view their money as “ours” while others keep it completely separate.  Each couple has their own reasoning for how they decided to manage their money. This is one topic where Christian and I have always been on the same page . We created a system that we love. While our core approach hasn’t changed much over the 7 years we’ve been married, it is something that we discuss and evaluate often to ensure that…

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    Starting Out – Calculate Your Net Worth

    Investing and saving can be a daunting task. There are so many options it can make your head spin. Roth IRA’s, traditional IRA’s, 401k’s, annuities, 529 plans, CD’s, and countless other options abound. Where do you even start? Well for one thing, it is best to take things like this in small, digestible, steps. Build your understanding, bit by bit, and soon you will be in full control of your financial future. This blog is designed to lead you from lost, to mastering of your money and financial future. Just by reading this far you deserve a small pat on the back (not too big there, you are still just…