The Perks of Being a Shareholder -The Mystery Package

One of the fun things about being a shareholder is that some companies give free perks.  I started tracking companies that provide an extra benefit to being a shareholder. (See my list below.) We purchased some shares of National Beverage (FIZZ) earlier this year and were quite surprised when this unexpected 7lb box showed up on our door step.

Unexpected Gift from LaCroix

The UPS driver was pulling up to our house right as we were both in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Neither of us had any idea what he could be delivering.  Once I saw the National Beverage logo on the side, I was intrigued.  I was hoping it would be some cool shareholder perk I had never heard of, and boy I was not disappointed. The box had very colorful artwork featuring various unreleased flavors of LaCroix.  The lid was secured via a magnetic clasp and the contents were all housed in custom cut foam.  It was an impressive presentation.

Inside the box was the annual report, a letter explaining the box, and 4 new flavors of LaCroix that were going to be released soon.  Very cool to be able to try the new products out before they hit the shelves!

The flavors of La Criox included:

  • LaCroix Cubana
  • LaCroix La Cola
  • LaCroix Coffee Exotica
  • LaCroix Coconut Cola
I spoke with shareholder relations department to find out exactly what the conditions were for receiving one of these boxes.  Shareholders must elect to receive shareholder materials physically, and hold at least one share of National Beverage stock.  The option to receive physical shareholder materials is found buried deep in the settings menu for most brokers.  This is the 3rd year they have sent samples to shareholders.  In the past, they also sent samples of Cúrate and the Key Lime flavor.  What a wonderful perk for being a shareholder.  I am looking forward to see what National Beverage does in the future.


Additional companies that have had shareholder perks in the past include:

  • Starbucks – Free Drink Pass – *UPDATE* The 2019 Annual report did not come with a drink pass.  Sadly, it appears this perk may be finished!
  • McDonalds – Free Big Mac- *UPDATE* The 2019 Annual report did not come with a coupon.  It appears this perk may be gone as well.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines – Cruise Credits for holding more than 100 shares
  • Willamet Valley Vinyeards – Shareholder discounts and priority admission to some special events and other extras
  • Berkshire Hathaway -Shareholder discount on Geico Insurance
  • Lindt- Swiss shareholders get a box of chocolates (must have Swiss address)


I plan on updating this list as I find more companies with shareholder perks.  I also plan on updating the perks list with more details about the perks these companies offer.  Disclosure: We own shares of National Beverage, Berkshire Hathaway, McDonald’s, and Starbucks.