• Setting Savings Goals
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    Managing Money as a Couple

    Now that we’re in our 30’s, the topic of money comes up occasionally with our friends. It is interesting to hear how each couple has a different approach to managing money within their relationships. Some couples view their money as “ours” while others keep it completely separate.  Each couple has their own reasoning for how they decided to manage their money. This is one topic where Christian and I have always been on the same page . We created a system that we love. While our core approach hasn’t changed much over the 7 years we’ve been married, it is something that we discuss and evaluate often to ensure that…

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    Investment vs Speculation

    What is investing?  In theory, it is quite simple.  It is the outlay of money today with the reasonable expectation that you will get more money back in the future.  The concept is very simple, but in practice it is much more complex.   What makes a good investment? What is the difference between an investment and speculation? Are you investing or speculating? Lets start with narrowing down the difference between investment and speculation.  An investment involves purchasing a productive asset.  What is a productive asset?  A rental property, a share of stock in a company, or purchasing something larger like a car wash, self storage facility, or other business.  The…